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Midwest Mavericks is the brother program to Midwest Top Gun. Our goal at Midwest Mavericks is to offer a pipeline to Midwest Top Gun that focuses on player development through regional competition and exceptional coaching.

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Midwest Mavericks started in 2021 when the demand to play with Top Gun grew exponentially.  Mavericks serves as the brother program to Top Gun.  For players who don't make the limited Top Gun roster, Mavericks offers an opportunity to develop and compete regionally. 


Midwest Mavericks is the pipeline to play with Midwest Top Gun.  Here at Mavericks, our focus is simple: player development.  Staffed and structured in alignment with Midwest Top Gun, Mavericks provides the opportunity to help you reach the next level in your lacrosse journey.


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Join the Team

Midwest Mavericks will be fielding the following teams this Fall

- High School - 

Invited players may use the link below to register for the Fall Season

Looking to get involved with Top Gun? Email us for roster availability.

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